Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing is a proactive exercise to help identify vulnerablilities affecting your organisation's assets and infrastructure. Penetration Test results are vital in order to properly understand your organisation's risk and plan risk management strategies in order to better defend against a cyber attack.

In recent years, more and more organisations have fallen victim to cyber criminals. As ransomware groups have become more common, target indiscriminately and tools and techniques are now in the public domain, cyber attacks can be felt by any organisation regardless of sector or size. Couple this with potential imposed regulatory fines as well as negative press in the outcome of a successful undefended breach and this can be crippling for businesses.

Preparation for a cyber attack has never been more important and the best place to start this journey is with a Penetration Test. Oxford System's experienced consultants can help guide you through this exercise in order for your organisation to better understand it's current risk level and what it can do to improve it.

Oxford Systems will help you find out the best type of Penetration Test for your organisation and the assets you are concerned about. Contact us today to have a discussion on how we can help you and your organisation with a tailored service to suit your needs.

Below are a couple of the broader Penetration Testing services we offer. Follow the links to discover more about what they involve.

Web Application Penetration Test
A series of tests to ensure your web systems are secure.

Infrastructure Penetration Test
Assess your internal network, systems and configuration for vulnerabilities.

External Infrastructure Penetration Test
A review of your companies external infrastructure and services and any weaknesses they may present.